Creating the technology of tomorrow

Since 2003, Urban Intelligence has been creating exceptional technology experiences for its commercial and residential clients. We work with Australia’s top businesses, builders, architects and consultants to design and deliver first-class technology solutions for tomorrow’s homes and workplaces.

We show you the future. And then we take you there.

Nothing changes faster than technology. But at Urban Intelligence, we don’t focus on the technology of next week, next month – nor next year.

We focus on the technology of the next decade. And beyond.

With Urban Intelligence, your home or workplace will embrace the technology of today – along with the endless possibilities of tomorrow.

Simplicity that will amaze you

A truly rewarding ‘user-experience’ has to be experienced to be believed. It’s impossible to describe.

But what we can describe is the smiles on our clients’ faces when we hand over their technology. The smiles are wide and bright. And impossible to wipe away.

You will smile too when you experience the simplicity of our interfaces and systems.

We deliver technology that works. All the time.

For us, technology that works ‘most of the time’ is simply not good enough.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes with true reliability. And that’s why we test exhaustively before training and handover.

With Urban Intelligence, you can expect your technology to work all the time.

Seamless design is the back-bone of every project

At Urban Intelligence we believe that design is the back-bone of every successful project. Never an after-thought.

Every technology solution we design blends seamlessly into the aesthetics of your environment – and into your work patterns or lifestyles.