3 ways to enjoy movies on your iPad

    The iPad and tablets in general are getting a stronger place in our everyday lives and for some of us almost replace the computer due to its ease-of-use, dimensions and the ever-expanding features thanks to Apple and the mighy App Store. Recently  our customers and partners are asking one question. What is the best and most hasle-free way to watch movies on my iPad? In this article we will share how you can easily enjoy movies on your iDevice. There are basically three main options, sorted by pain-level (worst to best):

    #3. Downloading the movie directly from iTunes

    No hassle movie experience directly from iTunes, but comes with a cost for each movie. Why is this a good idea, and why not: Pros
    1. Easy and straight to your iPad through WiFi or 3G
    2. Huge selection of newest and also classic movies
    3. Possibility to rent or buy
    1. Cost for each movie from $3.99 for rent up to $24.99 to buy
    2. A movie has to be downloaded to the device - time depends on network speeds
    3. 3G not recommended - costly data and long wait-time

    #2. Streaming movies directly from your computer

    Air Display or Boxee stream your movies through WiFi or 3G from your home computer. Here the pros and cons of this method: Pros
    1. WiFi & 3G access to your movie library
    2. Converts any fileformats on-the-fly while streaming
    3. No sync with iTunes required
    1. Your computer has to be turned on, same issues with 3G as above
    2. Security issues  with stream over web and additional network requirements
    3. Offline viewing possible, but with more hassle (convert movie, copy to iTunes & sync)

    #1. Downloading a dedicated movie player app

    And the Winner is! Offline movie experience with AVPlayerHD or AnyplayerHD. Here are the benefits and costs of this approach: Pros
    1. USB access to your own movie library - extra-fast speed
    2. Copy any movie format via Apps FileSharing in iTunes with subtitle support
    3. Offline watching wherever you are
    4. As many movies as your iPad can carry
    1. Limited to what you copy to the iPad in advance
    2. No download from your computer or web directly possible
    So there we have it! The Top 3 ways to watch movies on your iPad (so far). Each has its advantages and all are highly recommended from us and thousands of users. Until we will see an official launch of Netlflix or Hulu in Australia (which may even be never) these three candidates are your best choice.
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