5 must-have productivity apps in 2014

    We’ve scoured the app store so you don’t have to and come up with the 5 most unique apps to increase your productivity using your smart phone or tablet.

    1. Swizzle

    If your emails are getting lost amongst the clutter of junk promotions that you signed up for, you are a candidate for Swizzle. This great app helps you to de-clutter your email quickly.  You have two options with Swizzle, it can collate your promotions, deals and newsletters into one weekly Swizzle digest, or you can unsubscribe from them in one easy process. Organising your emails is no longer a chore, because Swizzle makes it simple.

    2. [email protected]

    Have you noticed how music lifts your mood at work? Well, the neuroscientists at UCLA have proven it. In conjunction with [email protected] they have developed a list of songs that are scientifically proven to boost your concentration, increase your productivity and help you to be less distracted. [email protected] is a great app for the office.

    3. Sociidot

    It was really tempting to choose a task-setting app, but let’s think bigger picture. What are your grand goals? Most people live day to day with the tasks that they need to do, but why not reflect on what you want to do and what motivates you to do it. In Sociidot you set goals and create a Story for each goal. You set Dots (which are tasks) that you can do one by one to bring the goal closer to fruition. You assign each Story and each Dot with a due date so that you stay focused. Sociidot encourages you to use photos to help you to visualise goals. Thing big with Sociidot.

    4. RescueTime 

    Where did the day go? If you get to the end of the day and ask yourself this question, then RescueTime has the answer. It runs in the background on your device and produces a report on where you have spent your time. RescueTime will tell you which websites, apps and programs have consumed your time and how long you spent on them. You can then reflect on how productive your day has been and what you achieved.

    5. ABUKAI

    If you get to the end of the month and bring out a wad of receipts from your wallets, you are managing your expenses the hard way. Check out ABUKAI. It’s a smart and simple way to keep track of your expenses. Just snap a pic of your receipt in ABUKAI. The app creates an expense report with your receipts attached as a PDF. It can be synced with your accounting software, making it incredibly functional. Because every receipt counts, try ABUKAI.

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