5 reasons only a fool would buy an Apple Watch

    We all know the frustration of trying to talk to someone while they’re continually checking their phone. On the rudeness scale, it’s probably surpassed by only one thing: checking the time. Well, thanks to Apple, you can now offend your friends in one fell swoop - with the all new Apple Watch. Apple's first wearable gadget is launching in Australia on 24 April 2015. Starting at AUD$499, the Apple Watch shares many functionalities with the iPhone: it receives calls, displays emails, stores music and receives social media notifications. So if constantly reaching into your pocket for your device is driving you batty, problem solved. But if that’s not enough of a reason to purchase Apple’s latest gadget, we’re afraid you’re out of luck. Because we can’t think of many more. In fact, we can only think of reasons why NOT to get one. Here’s just five of them.

    1. You need an iPhone to operate it

    The Apple Watch is not self-sufficient. You need an iPhone (5c, 5s, 6 or 6 Plus) to operate most of its functionalities. That’s because many Apple Watch apps are just displays for things running from your iPhone. And many key features aren't available if it’s not paired to an iOS device. For example, it doesn’t have its own GPS receiver or camera – which means it can’t map your movements or take happy cat snaps all by itself. It would be remiss of us not to mention that the Apple Watch does have some apps and functionalities that can operate without an iPhone. Like telling the time, for example.

    2. You’ll also need an iPhone (or a Swiss bank account) to afford it

    Although the entry-level model may not seem exorbitant at AUD$499, it needs an iPhone to operate it. And at the other end of the spectrum, the top-tier 18-carat gold edition will set you back around AUD$24,000. Although many of us prefer to spend that sum of money on a car or mortgage, some families consider an expensive watch a good investment. Their Cartier, Rolex or Bvlgari is passed from generation to generation – growing in value and sentimentality over time. But a $24,000 Apple Watch? We’re not convinced. Surely it’ll be a matter of time until the next version is released, demoting your current model to the bottom drawer alongside your once-cherished iPod nano and iPhone 4.

    3. You’ll have another gadget to charge at night. High five to that.

    In the good old Nokia days, we only charged our phones once or twice a week. But thanks to Apple, we’re now all too happy to charge them every night – or even more often. Will Apple really be able to convince us to charge our watch every night too? The Apple Watch comes with about 18 hours of battery life over a normal day. So you’ll definitely need to find a home for it on your multiple adapter when you tuck into bed each night. What’s next then? Charging our shoes, belts and eyeglasses? (Oh, wait a minute. Google actually had a go at that last one, didn’t they?)

    4. Perfect for (very rich and naive) fitness junkies

    According to Apple, their watch is the perfect companion for health and fitness junkies. But is it enough of a selling point to clinch the deal on its own? Unlike any other device, the Apple Watch can measure all the ways we move - such as walking the dog, climbing the stairs or playing with our kids. Wait a minute. Aren’t there plenty of fitness bands out there (such as Fitbit) that already do this - for a fraction of the price? Okay, so the Apple Watch can also keep track of when we stand up, encouraging us to keep moving. Phew. There’s really nothing else that can do

    5. It’s not waterproof

    So we’ve already established that your Apple Watch will help you keep track of your fitness activities. Unless, that is, those activities involve water. The Apple Watch is water-resistant, but not water-proof. And that means you shouldn’t even wear in shower - let alone go swimming with it. No doubt future models of the Apple Watch may overcome this obstacle. It’s also feasible that waterproof protective gear will eventually flood the market (like iPhone cases have). But we’re not there yet.

    The final word

    Although not many of us at Urban will be queuing up for an Apple Watch in coming months, Apple will no doubt move millions of units around the world. So if you’re a staunch Apple devotee or the trusty early technology adopter in your social circle, we’d love to hear what you think of it.
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