5 tips to a headache-free office move

    Moving offices can be incredibly stressful and cause a loss in productivity and downtime, if not planned and executed well. Here are our top 5 tips to help you to move offices, smoothly. We know because we just moved offices ourselves. Tip 1: Do a technology audit – what technology can you take with you? What do you need to invest in? Call in a technology consultant to help you to do this. They can run through your audio visual, security and lighting needs. We did it for ourselves, because that’s one of our fortes. Tip 2: Move to the cloud – could you save on infrastructure by moving your networking, telephone and data storage to the cloud? It can be a good cost saving to your business, a great way to protect your data and scalable without additional infrastructure. We did it and it is working well for us. Tip 3: First impressions count – take the time to plan the office space and design. We brought in an interior designer to fit out our meeting spaces, the entrance and design the storage and shelving in each office. It’s a good way to ensure all your spaces are well utilised and functional. We matched this with a review and redesign of our logo and collateral. If you are reprinting your letterheads, business cards etc… to incorporate your new address, why not refresh your brand, if its been a while. Tip 4: Create some work and play spaces – help your staff to enjoy their time at work by adding some small touches, such as zoned music with Sonos. This will give your staff the opportunity to program music that they like to hear at the touch of a button from their PC. The warehouse, office and kitchen can all have different music programmed to suit the staff’s tastes. A coffee machine is another clever addition; it will keep your staff onsite and is the new ‘water cooler’ meeting place. Tip 5: Tell people where to find you – write a comprehensive list of how people interact with you and how and when you will let them know of your move. Ensure that your mail redirection is scheduled and keep current until you have notified all your clients and suppliers of your change of address. If you need help with service redirection, we can do that during a technology audit. Good luck with your move. Ours is complete and we are all still sane! It helps to plan it well and manage it as you would any project.
    March 3, 2013|Categories: Commercial Technology   |