Conferencing made easy with Pexip

    We are not a reseller of Pexip; we’re just sold on the idea. It’s a simple software solution that’s affordable and integrates with your existing video conferencing hardware.

    It’s cross-platform, completely agnostic and pay per month. It can bridge the gap between video conference systems; such as: Lync and Lifesize, like a bridge.

    Offering BYOD (bring your own device) to provide video to everyone – anywhere. Participates can also use their device to view the presentation and control the meeting.

    Pexip is virtualized, so that it can be installed anywhere in the world without the costs normally associated with hardware solutions. You can increase your conferencing capacity and even upgrade your meeting room hardware without tipping the budget.  If we could help you to maximise your budget, we’d suggest you use Pexip and spend the rest on supportive meeting room technologies, such as:

    - Audio Upgrades

    • Professional microphone systems
    • High end echo cancellation

    - Collaborative technologies

    • Wireless presentation
    • Voice recognition and room activation

    - Room automation

    - Control Systems

    - iPad control

    - Lighting control

    We would be happy to meet with you and discuss your conferencing needs.

    Pexip and Lync

    August 27, 2014|Categories: Commercial Technology   |