Do you experience eye and back strain while at your computer?

    Nowadays most of us spend a considerable chunk of our time at „work“ behind a desk solving our daily tasks via this wonderful invention called a pc. Unfortunately besides the effectiveness that it brings, this type of work often yields severe long-term effects on our body and health. It has been written about a million times and still most of us fight with back pain and eye strain. So what can we do to prevent this? The sciences of Eye-gonomics and ergonomics help to deal with these issues. First lets look at our sight and how we can help it:
      1. Follow the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes look at an object around 20 feets for at least 20.
      2. Do the “High five“ test. Try to give your screen a high five. The optimum is an arms distance.
      3. Check the height of your screen – its top should be at your eye level.
      4. If you work on a notebook, get an external display or a stand to raise it up to your eye level.
      5. Make sure that your viewing angle is no more than 35 degrees.
      6. monitor must be front of face, not turned to the side or leaning.
      7. The light from display must be the brightest light in the room (raise/lower others as needed).
    When we talking about ergonomics and protecting your back, there are three main points:
    1. Your forearms must be leveled with the keyboard, i.e. should lay horizontally on the table and hang vertically by your chest.
    2. Your chair should keep your body upright (slightly leaning backwards), if you feel that your posture isn’t ideal get different one.
    3. Your legs should hang vertically and should not be bend or hang loosely in the air.
    And that is it for today, a few useful steps and rules to keep in mind, which if followed will ease your pain and make you feel better after a long day at work.
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