Energy management made easy

    Do you want to monitor your energy consumption? If it was this easy you’d definitely say yes. Clipsal has integrated energy management into their C-Bus system, so now at the touch of a button you can compare your energy consumption by hour, day or even year with ease. Storing up to two years of information – determining which zone, floor, or technology generates the most energy is all possible. By applying a tariff to current or past usage, you will be able to see how much your energy is costing you or the cost of running certain technology. The system allows you to set alerts and send notifications, so that you can automatically cut off power supply to parts of the building, home or zones if power reaches a predetermined critical level. Power can then be restored to these areas automatically once the level of usage has been reduced. It really is a very clever system and may just prevent overloads leading to power outages. Energy is a high cost to any business, so a tool that can help you to manage it is a welcomed addition to the already high spec C-Bus system. Email [[email protected]] us to find out more about how you can add this into your home, office or next project.
    March 3, 2013|Categories: Consumer Technology   |