How to choose the perfect music service for your home

    Music on tap makes entertaining at home easy and creates atmosphere in the workplace. There are now 12 music services on offer in Australia, which makes choosing one confusing. The top 5 in music streaming services are Pandora, Spotify, Songza, Rdio, Grooveshark. Choosing a music service is not as hard as choosing health insurance, but you can be equally let down if you choose the wrong one. Here’s are some tips before you choose a music service to subscribe to: 1. Do a search of your top 10 songs and make sure they are on there. 2. Can you sync with your existing playlists on iTunes? 3. Is it possible to create multiple playlists? 4. Are sharing tools available on the music service? 5. What’s the cost and is this reasonable? I’ve done a quick survey in the office and here is what everyone likes... It’s SPOTIFY – for our clients and us. Why?
    • Paypal link makes it easy
    • $11-$12 a month, good value
    • It’s got the most songs on it
    • Awesome apps within Spotify like Top 100 Billboard
    • So easy to use
    A 12 month music subscription is included in our new Urban Seed package. Urban Seed is a low-cost technology solution that is driven by our own customized app, built to run on an iPad mini for new apartment developments. Request a brochure on [email protected] for more information about Urban Seed.
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