How to cut down on business travel

    3 business situations solved - without boarding a plane!

    No. 1:

    Situation: You need to recruit from interstate or overseas – are you flying your HR to meet the candidate? Or are you flying the candidate to your office? DON’T GET ON THAT PLANE Solution: Meet with the candidate via video hook up. Urban Intelligence can implement a video conferencing solution that has high definition picture and crystal clear audio.

    No. 2:

    Situation: You need to brief your national sales team on the priorities for the month. You normally travel around the country or bring the entire team to Head Office. DON’T GET ON THAT PLANE Solution: Bring the team together without the travel costs, accommodation, time and expenses, through video conferencing.

    No. 3:

    Situation: Do you need to ensure project milestones are being met by your interstate contractors? DON’T GET ON THAT PLANE Solution: Meet with your project team through video conferencing. Keep projects on track and have tasks completed sooner with more contact, more often. By minimising travel there will be less downtime and fewer expenses against your project.

    Ready to cut your travel expenses?

    Video conferencing has so many great benefits and can reduce your travelling expenses by as much as 50%. It’s a worthwhile investment! Make sure you get the right solution for your company.

    Now is the best time to consider video conferencing

    We have a great offer on the new Icon 600 video conferencing technology, with a starting price of $5000 you will receive 20% off in April. Urban Intelligence is offering FREE technology audits; book an appointment now by emailing us on [email protected].
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