How to protect the data on your mobile device

    Besides beautiful design and great functionality Apple also stands for top security. There is no need for antivirus apps on the Mac and iDevices are protected for the time being. In order to fully enjoy this protection however, there are a few steps every owner should take first.

    Viruses and malware are only a minor concern.  (Please note - jailbroken devices are much more prone to these threats, so beware!) When talking about security on iDevices everyone instantly thinks about theft or loss and with that possibly the compromise of sensitive data - such as account numbers, passwords,  emails, pics, vids, browser history, places you visited and much more!So what to do to secure data on your iPhone or iPad?

    1. First of all enable a passcode. Setting=> Passcode => Enable. A simple one is better than none, but for strong protection a full text password is advisable. Enabling a passcode automatically encrypts all the data on the phone, which makes it unusable without the encryption strings. It is also mandatory if you want to use the Find my iPhone function in the event of loss or theft. (more about this feature below)
    2. Also disable Voice Control, which is controlled via the Home Button without having to enter the passcode. This of course can be misused in the wrong hands.
    3. With Passcode enabled you should also enable Autolock, best for 1 minute so that your device locks itself quickly when idle.
    4. Enable Erase all data function. Sounds a bit scary right? This actually is a great tool as it allows 10 attempts to enter the password. After a couple of wrong attempts it blocks the phone for a few minutes up to half an hour before the last one. Then it proceeds with wiping all your data from the device. We obviously recommend having iCloud backup set up to ensure all your data is stored remotely.
    5. The next security measure, is enabling a feature called Find My iPhone; which can remotely locate, lock or erase your device (under certain conditions). It’s important to note that if a thief restores your device, the Find my iPhone will not function.
    6. Finally we recommend you disable Geotagging of your photos – which associates a GPS location with every photo taken. This feature may be helpful on holidays but it could potentially alert burglars of your whereabouts at a given point in time. To disable Geotagging, Go to Location Services=> Camera (and any other apps that you don’t want to link with GPS positioning) and switch the option off.

    With the above precautions taken you can rest assured that your data is secure and protected. In a future post we will show how to wipe your device clean before selling, servicing or replacing your device.

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