Music to your ears: The Sonos upgrade you've been waiting for

    Over one million rooms, in homes and offices world-wide, use Sonos to wirelessly play music. Many people have opted for Sonos as part of their audio visual integration. Sonos is a hi-fi system with top quality speakers and wireless audio in a complete package. Whilst Sonos has revolutionized wireless hi-fi audio, there has been one BIG drawback until now. It was the inability to access your iTunes music and podcasts and send them directly to your Sonos speakers. Thanks to an upgrade, Sonos now lets you access iTunes direct from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (providing you have iOS 6 installed). It lets you play the music you want in each room there is a Sonos system, directly from your iDevice. In the home, the Sonos audio system gives you the control to have a party upstairs, chill out zone downstairs and jazz outside. You choose the music and you set it to play when and where you want it. For the office, Sonos has its benefits as well. The warehouse might like the music louder and heavier than the office or the boardroom. Choose the right music for the right environment and keep your staff happy. Enjoy your iTunes music and podcasts using your Sonos audio system, with great sound quality – easily and seamlessly.
    December 20, 2012|Categories: Consumer Technology   |