Our TOP 3 technology gifts this Xmas

    Scratching your head for what to buy the technology-lover in your life? Well, here are three ideas that have the team at Urban Intelligence seriously excited!

    1. Intelligent Water Bottle

    If your loved one is mad about health and fitness – and technology – then you can’t go past the Intelligent Water Bottle! We all know we should be drinking more water. Better hydration gives us more energy, improves concentration levels and boosts our overall health and wellbeing. But how much water should we really be drinking? The Intelligent Water Bottle has the answer! With the world’s first interactive water bottle by your side, you can calculate your personal hydration needs, track your fluid consumption, pace yourself throughout the day and achieve optimal hydration. Why pay for a personal trainer or nutritionist when your water bottle can do it all? Shop now

    2. Virtual laser keyboard 

    Do you find it frustrating to type lengthy messages or notes from your smartphone or tablet? Are you on your mobile device more than ever? Introducing the virtual laser keyboard - a smart new device that connects with your smartphone, tablet or laptop (via Bluetooth) to project a virtual keyboard on a flat surface. Using advanced optics to track your fingers when you type, your notes will appear on your device in real time. Virtual laser keyboards are compatible with all Apple, Android and other devices. Shop now

    3. iRobot vacuum cleaner

    Keep reading, because we’ve saved the best for last! If spending your weekends cleaning the floor is not your idea of fun, then the iRobot vacuum cleaner is for you! But a word of warning: we hear people are so chuffed with their robots that they are giving them names (Herbie, Robbie, Alice…you get the idea) - and even claiming to have fallen in love! (Each to their own, right?) Designed for indoors and out, iRobot vacuum cleaners bring the latest robotic technology to everyday homes. They are designed to concentrate cleaning in the dirtiest areas and ensure the whole floor is thoroughly vacuumed. With state-of-the-art touchpads buttons and a Full Bin Indicator, it’s no wonder we’re all so excited! Shop now
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