Presentations without the messy cables

    You walk into your meeting, ready to present. Rather than start fumbling with cables – with one-click you could have your presentation up on the screen and ready to go.

    With so many things that can go wrong you’d need to be an IT expert to answer these questions!

    • Is the resolution of the PC set correctly?
    • Is the display on the correct input?
    • Will the cable work?
    • Will you be able to see your presentation on the screen and your laptop simultaneously?
    It’s an unpredictable situation and an unnecessary stress. Let your hard work show with seamless integration between your iDevice and the screen with Apple TV. If you have an Android device or windows tablet there are similar solutions available. Once considered only a consumer product, found in the TV room; Apple TV makes an appearance in the boardroom and it’s making life really easy. How it works: Using Airplay (also known as ‘Mirroring’) on your iPhone, iPad or Apple laptop you can project any information with one click straight onto the television, wirelessly. You can navigate from your device giving you the power and confidence to control your presentation. Mirroring also allows you to stream your conferences through FaceTime or Skype, as well as videos or pictures. You can turn your television into an interactive whiteboard with an app like Penultimate, where remote participants can view your writing or drawing from the iPad. The Apple TV has two different modes you can use with your iDevice:
    • Mirror the content that you see on the device onto the screen or;
    • Use dual screen to turn your iDevice into a controller and navigate the content on the big screen.
    Check out Microstrategy for great business apps to help you to present company data, like business intelligence or presentations innovatively using Apple TV. Worry-free presentations: No more stress about your presentation’s format, file type or compatibility. Apple TV will just work for you and allow you to get on with your presentation. The OH&S team is also going to like the fact that there are no messy cables lying around. Let people fall for your presentation and not over the cables. As always, Corporate Intelligence is here to help with automating all aspects of your office to make everything seamlessly integrated. Here are our tips to get Apple TV working for you:
    • Have the Apple TV connected to your screen
    • Start the Airplay compatible app on your iDevice (it is identified easily by the airplay icon on the screen)
    • Tap the Airplay icon and select Apple TV and you are ready to go.
    With the summer cricket season about to start, it’ll also be handy to have a screen in the boardroom for lunchtime! Don’t miss a wicket.
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