QR Codes: Your questions answered

    If you don’t already have an app like QRReader, download one now for your smart phone. Then point and shoot. I’m sure you’re not surprised where we have taken you – but how can you capitalise on this technology in your business? With so many marketing messages trying to grab people’s attention everyday, QR codes are a clever way to take people directly to your website or online brochure. It’s a handy tool for people on the go, who want to know more about your business when they have the time. There are many industries that can benefit from this technology, such as:
    • Real estate agents – for homes/offices for sale or lease
    • Healthcare - Online brochures/fact sheets
    • Education – list homework or resources on an online portal
    • Retail – QR readers can also scan barcodes of products and take people directly to online sites where they can buy your product.
    Don’t miss out on driving traffic to your website, online brochures or shopping sites – download an app like QRReader today.
    May 31, 2013|Categories: Commercial Technology   |