Raise the bar on security in your office

    With the silly season almost upon us and traffic in-store increasing, now is the time to embrace cloud-based surveillance. The only way to be able to be responsive to issues of security in your company or at your property is in real-time. Information stored in the cloud can be instantly accessed from any Wi-Fi or 3G enabled devices. See something, do something. It’s the line that we hear from the police, ambulance and fire department constantly. But if you can’t see it, how can you do anything? The answer is cloud-based surveillance. In the case of a real emergency, response times of the police and other authorities can be reduced significantly using this technology. For example, if an alarm is triggered; the camera stream can be recorded instantly and if a threat exists the police can be alerted immediately. It’s the answer to keeping your business safe and sound. Work on your business and not constantly in your business. By being able to monitor the opening or closing procedures in your company you can ensure that your staff are keeping your company and property secure. Protect your business from unauthorised intruders. Using motion analytics built in the digital smart camera, it can identify if an unauthorised person is entering your premises. In real-time the camera will send you an email and a photo of the unauthorised, so that you can act quickly and prevent any threats to your business. Besides security, cloud-based surveillance can be also used for monitoring the workplace and staff in real-time to observe customer interaction, shopping habits or employee productivity. The data will prove to be invaluable for learning about your business and training employees. Corporate Intelligence can provide the right cameras and advice on the best cost-effective software package that you should use. With high resolution cameras, amazing frame-rate and crystal clear audio – you will instantly see the benefits. Cloud-based surveillance is the best way to truly protect your company and property. Speak to us today.
    November 14, 2012|Categories: Commercial Technology   |