Revealed: The No.1 security tip for your business

    The presence of security cameras is the number one deterrent for potential intruders. But the police are only interested in one thing; a clear picture of the person or car involved in the security breach. AND not just the car, they want the number plate too. It’s specific and detailed; the kind of detail you can only get from digital cameras; If you have old analogue cameras that are not working, low resolution, not monitored or unable to alert you to potential intruders – you’re putting your business at risk. The first step towards having effective digital surveillance is to DIGITIZE your current analogue cameras. The next step would be to monitor your footage in real-time. Digital cameras offer many benefits to your business. However, they need to be configured properly to maximise their value. A professionally set-up digital camera solution provides the best security available with clear digital pictures and the option of real-time alerts of potential threats through 24/7 monitoring. We use and recommend AXIS digital cameras. For low-light areas and night surveillance we suggest an AXIS camera with the new Lightfinder technology. See the difference with and without Lightfinder in this video – and decide for yourself which one you’d prefer to have on your premises. WE RECOMMEND: upgrading or installing new digital cameras with Lightfinder technology and 24/7 monitoring of your premises. Give us a call on (03) 9514 6000 or email us on [email protected] for a free security audit of your home, office or school and a copy of our security capabilities.
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