Samsung or Apple? Your ultimate cheat sheet.

    Are you in the market for a smartphone? Chances are you are choosing between an Apple or a Samsung phone. So, we compared the two flagships phones in their range to give you a winner.

    1. Let’s start with Design

    The Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is plastic vs. Apple’s iPhone which is aluminum with polished edges. In terms of weight, the iPhone is lighter – weighing in at 113 grams, whilst the Galaxy is 144 grams (27% heavier). This is due to the larger display – an asset in the display category but making it a heavier phone and difficult to use one handed. The winner for design is the…iPhone 5s.

    2. Next, the all important Display

    It’s a great experience on the Galaxy S5 when looking at photos, videos and surfing the web, thanks to the large screen (5.1 inches versus 4 inches on the iPhone 5s). Whilst Apple delivers more accurate colours, the colour saturation lets it down. From a practical perspective it means that on the Galaxy S5 colours are bolder and stronger. The winner this round is the…Galaxy 5S. 3. Which one sounds better? Let’s talk about Audio The iPhone 5s’ bottom-mounted speaker has great volume and clarity, compared to the Galaxy S5. When it comes to loudness, the iPhone hits 82 decibels versus the Galaxy at 73 decibels. The winner for best audio is the…iPhone 5s.

    4. The final category is the Interface

    Samsung’s interface has been given a big overhaul for the S5. It’s a case of feature packed to the max and tonnes of options. Apple, however, seems to have a better approach to user experience with their interface. Most people can pick up an iPhone and start using it without reading a manual; it’s that easy to use. If you are using your phone as a phone and need simple life and work applications then the iPhone does it all. If you are avoiding buying a tablet then the functionality of the Galaxy S5 will win you over. But if we are purely looking at the interface rather than what the phone can actually do – then Apple’s iPhone 5s is the winner here. An important note – iPhone users swear by their iPhone and Galaxy users feel their phone is superior to an iPhone. Ultimately it’s about what you need the phone to do and what’s going to be a more convenient option for you.
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