The latest worldwide automation system hits Australia

    KNX is a worldwide name in Europe and the US yet we are just getting to know the new automation software locally. It’s a revolution in automation software and a real game changer. Before KNX the options for software in office automation were predominately Clipsal C-Bus, and Dynalite. Depending on which of these systems you chose, you were limited to buying products in their range. Clipsal and Dynalite make the products that work with their system. With KNX it’s a whole new world of choice. The Key Benefit of KNX: Open source architecture – meaning that you can use a range of different products that are ‘KNX approved’ so that they are guaranteed to work with KNX. Over 170 manufacturers make products that work with the KNX system. For example, you can select your light switches from one manufacturer and your touch screen devices from another. KNX makes it simple. KNX helps you to keep your options open when it comes to which products you’d like to use in your office. With so many manufacturers competing for your business you are the real winner. With competition comes innovation in design and functionality. Over 10 million products that work with KNX have been sold worldwide since the system launched in 1992. It’s taken a long time for it to land in Australia but the wait is certainly worth it. At Corporate Intelligence, we know that reliability and functionality is the key to any automation system. We use and recommend KNX – the one software package with a massive range of product options for your lighting control, heating/cooling, security and audio visual requirements. As always energy efficiency is a huge benefit of integrating your office with an automated system. Research by KNX shows that you will save between 11% and 31% on your energy costs. It’s the investment that gives back in savings year after year. Together Corporate Intelligence and KNX have all the expertise that you need to fully automate and integrate your office. Call us to discuss your individual needs on 9001 3001.
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