The Samsung Galaxy s4 Roadtest

    Samsung’s latest galaxy s4 coupled with android’s latest operating system from Google is their latest flagship phone which some would say is aimed to compete head to head with the iPhone 5. Jonathan from our office, an avid iPhone user decided to road-test this phone and see how it stacked up against Apple and more importantly how it handled controlling all the items in our smart homes. Here’s what he had to say… Samsung has gone all out with this phone and certainly have included some very interesting features. It’s thin; light has a super large screen and has some really interesting features. If you’re an iPhone user the first thing you will notice is how customisable the phone is. When put to the test to control the technology in our homes it handled well. Controlling Sonos was great and you had extra screen real estate because the phone is physically bigger so that was a positive. Controlling our alarm system worked well, particularly the feature to let people when you are out – came in handy last week when I needed to let the painter in whilst I was at work. I remotely disarmed the alarm, opened the front door and then re-armed the alarm when he left. Controlling the heating with the Samsung Galaxy S4 in my home using our Nest thermostat also worked well. All in all it was a positive experience, the only down side I can note is that the phone actually feels a little too large. If you’re use to using your phone with one hand for responding to SMS or typing then this is not the phone for you. Functionally it’s great, but the size is not so practical. It feels more like a small tablet than a phone.  
    July 11, 2013|Categories: Consumer Technology   |