The tech revolution that will change your life

    Imagine catching the train or driving to work without needing your keys or wallet. Imagine entering your office’s secure car park without keying in a passcode. Imagine grabbing your morning coffee or snack from a vending machine without rummaging for change. Well, there’s no need to imagine anymore. The technology exists. And it’s called Near Field Communication (NFC). So, what exactly is NFC? NFC is a form of contactless communication that allows you to achieve everyday tasks with a quick wave of your smartphone. Designed for devices within close proximity, NFC uses electromagnetic radio fields to exchange data from one compatible device to another. No need for them to touch. And no need for users to fumble through multiple steps to set up a connection. Why we’re excited about NFC?
    • For businesses: NFC technology means faster transaction times. Faster transaction means less waiting in lines. Less waiting in lines means HAPPIER customers!
    • For consumers: NFC technology means no cards or cash to carry around. No cards or cash to carry around means less chance of lost or stolen items. Less chance of lost or stolen items means leaving the house is less stressful - and a lot more fun!
    How will NFC change your everyday life? There are many ways you will enjoy NFC in your daily life.
    • On public transport: Wave your phone to pass through turnstiles. Or tap your phone at an information kiosk for up-to-date schedules and delays.
    • At the supermarket: Stop to buy groceries, redeem coupons and earn reward points with a single wave at the checkout.
    • At the movies: Purchase tickets, gain entry to the cinemas and interact with smart posters for information about upcoming films. And before the movie starts, grab your drink and popcorn by waving your phone at the snack counter.
    • On holiday: Board the plane without a boarding pass. Check in to your hotel without the paperwork. And access hotel rooms without keys or magnetic swipe cards that are easily lost!
    • Hanging out with friends: Share games, links and other information with friends by bumping phones. You can even send money to each other!
    And the list goes on - limited only by the foresight of your technology partner. As the technology grows, more NFC compatible smartphones will be available and more stores will offer NFC card readers for customer convenience. Please contact Lior Rauchberger on (03) 9514 6010 or via [email protected]to learn more about NFC and how it can benefit your business.
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