The ultimate technology checklist for Facilities Managers

    As a Facilities Manager you know that data is king! Data in real-time and accessible via your mobile device is the Holy Grail. Mobile devices and associated technology is a great tool for Facilities Managers particularly for asset management and field collaboration. By embracing cloud and mobile based technology you can effectively run a true 24-7-365 system without having to be chained to your office desk. If your objective is to reduce costs, improve efficiency and protect your facility then we suggest that you use this simple checklist. It will help to determine if you have the optimal technology running at your facility.
    • Can you control the building’s lighting and security system from your mobile device?
    • Do you have easy access to reports on energy consumption in the building?
    • Is reporting on your building energy performance a simple task? Can it help you to make comparisons between different departments of your company?
    • Are you able to receive email alerts if your security system has been breached?
    • Do you have remote access to your security cameras on your computer or mobile device?
    • Can you program various functions of the building to automatically turn on and off as required?
    As a Facilities Manager having information in real-time gives you the power to make better decisions and take decisive action when required. Technology should be part of the strategic planning of your facility. But, with the pace of technology change in Facilities Management quite high – it’s hard to stay on top of the latest trends. A complete audit of your current technology is a good first step and actually easier than you might think. At Corporate Intelligence we can do this for you as part of our no-cost consultancy service. It’s all part of the process and can help you to see the benefits of embracing new technology. For more ideas on how you can use technology to improve your facility, we’d be happy to meet with you onsite and provide some advice. Take advantage and give us a call today.
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