Wearable technology has arrived

    Up until now, many wearable technologies have been just prototypes or a work-in-progress. But now it's time to see some affordable wearable products that will have wide appeal. Google have announced that they are working on Android Wear with an expected launch date this year. The first logical step for Android Wear is obviously a watch. The expected functionality is really exciting.The mandate seems to be to provide the wearer with useful information when they need it most. Google are relying on the app development community to provide the best interactive solutions that the wearer can access on their smart watch. From social media updates pushed to your watch, to tide and swell conditions if you drive to the beach and morning traffic reports before you head to work - with Google, the possibilities are endless. Look out for Android Wear towards the end of this year.
    March 27, 2014|Categories: Consumer Technology   |