Give your business the technology edge

When you choose Urban Intelligence, you’re preparing your business for the future. As the preferred technology integration partner for many of Australia’s leading organisations, builders and consultants, we design and deliver flawless technology solutions every time.

We show you the future of your industry

Technology drives the progression of every industry. And we can help your business to lead the way.

As technology experts across all sectors – corporate, retail, not-for-profit, health, automotive and education – Urban Intelligence will show you the future of your industry.

We’ll help you push the boundaries of today’s technology to give you the head start you need as a future industry leader.

We invest more time upfront

While other technology providers simply quote and implement, we consult, design, engineer, deliver and support.

At the start of every project, we go to great lengths to understand your goals, budget and timeline. Only then are we able to custom-design a technology plan that achieves everything and more.

By putting the hard work in early, we get it right from the outset – avoiding any unpleasant surprises down the track.

We take your budget seriously

Your budget is the end figure – not the starting point. And we take it extremely seriously.

Too often we see blue-chip businesses spend on excessive infrastructure – or on over-engineered and non-scalable solutions.

With Urban Intelligence, you will never over-capitalise on technology. We design and deliver the right technology for the right investment – with a constant focus on the long-term.

Your ‘handover’ is just the beginning

We consider the ‘handover’ of your technology the beginning of our relationship. Not the end.

Our ongoing training, support and expertise will keep your organisation’s technology running smoothly year after year. This is all part of our commitment to lifetime satisfaction – from project inception to handover and beyond.