Loved by more architects across Australia

As a respected architect, you want a technology partner whose expertise you can rely on. When you recommend Urban Intelligence, everyone wins. Your client receives a professional service. Your integrity is upheld. And we get to prove ourselves yet again – further strengthening our relationship with you.

Difficult choices made easy

We find that many homeowners don’t enjoy making technology decisions. And who can blame them with so many choices – and so much jargon?

But at Urban Intelligence, we make it easy. We give clear explanations and sensible advice at every turn. We help your clients discern between form and function. And between value and price.

Packaged and tailored solutions

It goes without saying that every family’s needs are different. However, we find that some clients prefer to simplify their technology decision-making as much as possible.

With Urban Intelligence, choosing technology can be as simple as ticking a box. Our easy ‘mix and match’ system covers all the main technologies families would need. With clear fixed prices for each.

But if your client wants a customised solution like no other? Well, that’s our speciality too!

Full training and ongoing support

Once we have installed and tested your technology, you’re ready for your training.

Our patient and approachable trainers will talk to you in plain English. And we won’t walk away until everyone’s 100% competent and confident.

That said, we know that some things are easy to forget or misunderstand. And should that happen, we’re just a phone call or home visit away.

And if you want first-class support every day of the year, our premium support service is for you.